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The Curiouso Interview
July 15, 2013 07:16 PM PDT
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If you missed any of our coverage at this year's Jam at the Dam, then shame on you. We had a blast meeting so many different people, and speaking with some of the great acts from this year's festival.
One interview that definitely stuck out was Christopher Scarborough of the Scarred & Dangerous Thrill Show. In the past 2 years we've seen Chris breathe fire, chew broken glass, and stick his hand in a bear trap just to name a few. 

In addition to the Thrill Show, Chris is the host of the Curiouso Podcast. This show talks about the things that made us curious as children, the things that make us curious as adults, and try to make sense of these mysteries. We like to discuss bizarre occurrences and forgotten history.


Check out our interview with Chris right here, and go to If you'd like to see the part of the interview where Chris eats a light bulb, check out

Chasin' Waterfalls
February 23, 2013 09:25 AM PST
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This week's podcast was a wrap up of the past few weeks. There's a lot happening at Gashouse Radio these days, getting ready for the launch of our new division; Grindhouse Radio. We try to catch you up on all that's going on, plus we've got a few changes to Gashouse Radio's lineup as well.  

We also introduced a few new games to our afternoon show Gashouse Live (weekdays 6-9pm ET). So check out this week's podcast, which includes the music of:

Let It Be, Let It Be
February 10, 2013 01:32 PM PST
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The fourth edition of the Gashouse Live weekly podcast was focused mainly on the beginnings of our newest station, Grindhouse Radio.

Throughout last week we discussed reasons why Gashouse needed to split into 2 stations. We figured out the name of the new station, and a little bit of the programming that will be switching over form Gashouse.  

We also discussed what happened to the big Singles Out Special that was supposed to broadcast on Thursday night. We touched on the biggest whistling songs of all time, and of course played music from the bands listed below.  

So check out this podcast, it's under an hour, and it will get you up to speed in the world of Gashouse Radio.

You Get What We Give You
February 02, 2013 10:41 AM PST
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This week on Gashouse (our weekly music podcast) we had plenty of debates to close up and new music to introduce. We had the Crunk Bear teacher and the couple who tried to incorporate 50 Shades of Gray into their sex life and ended up in court. Most importantly, we had our 6th "retired champion" in Band vs Band; Amber Ladd.   This is a rare occurrence, and a high honor. So expect to hear a lot more Amber Ladd on the station. We took a look at what's ahead this week on Gashouse, and played music from:  

This is our weekly music podcast, which you can subscribe via RSS right here:   And tune in to the LIVE show, Gashouse Live, every weekdays 5-7pm ET only on!

Wimming, with Dick and Brett
January 27, 2013 04:22 PM PST
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This week, the major topics were Manti Te'o, the birth of Dick Wimmer and Dorothy's birthday. We discussed New Music Monday, our latest (and probably last) artist special that took place Thursday, and featured the music of

  • Reverend TJ McGlinchey
  • Amber Ladd
  • Minshara
  • Writing Off Tomorrow
  • Dave Crespo's After Party
  • Satire Saints
  • The Great Party 
  • Hazeland
  • Single Channel Stereo
  • Jackslacks
  • Happy Thieves
  • Pocket in Red
  • Whatever We Are

We also looked at some of the bands coming up this week on Gashouse Live. Please check out our new reverbnation page for a look at all the bands on each show. And tune in to Gashouse Live, every weekday 5-7pm ET only on

Episode 1
January 19, 2013 06:11 AM PST
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Gashouse Live is the flagship show of Gashouse Radio. We're live every weekday 5-7pm ET.

For a little while we were podcasting the show everyday. We learned that the daily podcast just wasn't worth the trouble each day. So instead we decided to create a separate show once a week that gives you a summary of the previous week, and a preview of the week ahead.

So this is our first episode of the new podcast. We cover all the major topics from last week, plus the music of the following bands:

Sweet Leda
Amber Ladd
Wooden Hez
Jonas Carping
John Schrader Band
Lyric Dubee
Abbe May
The Tax
Born of the Stars
White Blush
The Years
Craig Black
Maxwell Johnson
Brian Medlin & the Elk Band
The Quixote Project

Be sure to tune in live weekdays at 5pm ET. Join the chat room during the show and you could win all kinds of free stuff!